Ancillary Studies

General Information

Ancillary study proposals are submitted via the Ancillary Study Proposal and Tracking form in CDART.

Please refer to our Ancillary Study Policies and Procedures prior to submitting a proposal. For C4R Ancillary Studies, refer to the policy in the table below.

All proposed ancillary studies must be submitted to the SPIROMICS GIC at a minimum of 9 weeks prior to the grant deadline for genetics proposals and at a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the grant deadline for all other proposals. The proposal will be reviewed by the Ancillary Studies Committee, Steering Committee, Observational Data and Safety Monitoring Board, and NHLBI.

Once approved, it is the responsibility of the ancillary study PI to update the GIC regarding funding information, grant start date, number of funding years, etc. The ancillary study PI must also provide quarterly status updates on the study.

Abstract and Manuscript Publication Information for approved Ancillary Studies

SPIROMICS encourages all ancillary studies to publish and/or present their data.

All manuscript proposals and abstracts based on ancillary study data require approval of the SPIROMICS Publications and Presentations Committee. Authors must submit a proposal prior to writing the manuscript/abstract. If approved, the final manuscript draft (that has been reviewed by all co-authors) must be reviewed and approved by Publications and Presentations Committee prior to journal submission.

Title Resources
Ancillary Studies Policies and Procedures PDF
Ancillary Study Proposal Abstract Template DOCX
Ancillary Study Proposal and Tracking Form (AST) DOCX
Ancillary Study Tracking (AST) System Demo Video link
C4R Ancillary Studies Policy PDF